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Requests to this amazing country have continued to be number one for the last fifteen years. This is probably because Mexico introduces new tourist cities, hidden gems, off the beaten path of Cancun and Acapulco almost yearly....making Mexico a constant trending travel topic. Featuring enticing fresh attractions to visit such as Cabo, Huatulco, and the Eco-friendly Tulum just to name a few, Mexico packages appeal to everyone from the fresh young stylish traveler to couples and even large families.

The most affordable of our destination wedding package options available.

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From the Amalfi coast to the Prosecco trail, our Senior Travel Advisor Amal Mulhem, has explored this beautiful land inside out. She's visited Italy several times and makes sure to revisit old chefs, winemakers, and other key acquaintances of ours from over the years...while of course finding new exquisite and tasty places to recommend to our clients along the way.  Complete any Wine & Culinary package trip to Italy with Chef H. Mulhem, for a truly customized once-in-a-lifetime dining experience.

Our best selling country for wine and culinary tours ranging from couples to large groups.


Bahamas & Caribbean

When we say the Caribbean, we're talking from Cuba and Bermuda to Trinidad & Tobago. This growing client favorite region is a classic yet uncharted territory in many areas to say the least. Client interest in the Caribbean has surged with the recent opening of Cuba.  More and more clients are inquiring about Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico along with various other smaller islands.

Most requested romantic destination packages.



This daring land is at the top of everyone's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram feeds. Since the recent spike of celebrity sightings in Thailand, it's become the hot new place to see in Asia. Young singles and couples alike are intrigued to venture here when looking for an affordable International getaway, Stay on an exquisite private beach or in the heart of one of Thailands most vibrant cities

Most inquired about country after any in North & South America.





France & Spain

We list these glorious countries together since we seem to sell an equal amount of each package available to both.  Whether it's Art & History or Wine & Culinary, our travel advisor Amal Mulhem is an extensive specialist in both France & Spain, capable of crafting the trip of your dreams.  Wherever your passions take you, she knows what each country has to offer also catering to fashion, various European sports, and other leisurely seasons.

Most recommended countries to visit in your 1st or 2nd trip to Europe, since they require a return or multiple trips to truly experience all the beauty each has to offer.