Amal Mulhem

President & Travel Advisor

I only work with the most solid and reputable suppliers in the industry giving my clients the best in luxury travel services.  I believe every itinerary crafted should result in the trip of your dreams!  I absolutely love what I do! Not only do I love to travel, but I simply enjoy working hand-in-hand with clients to design a journey that exceeds their expectations, creating one of a kind magical experiences just for them. Anything and everything becomes possible.  If you can aspire it, I can create it.                              


V.P. & Business Development

With a Luxury Travel Specialist for a mother, and a Corporate Executive Chef for a father, I've had the privilege my entire life when traveling or dining, to taste the luxury lifestyle. Besides enjoying the same services I recommend to clients, I've worked all sides of the luxury leisure industry, from checking coats at 13 in the heart of Chicago for upscale restaurants, to managing some of Florida's elite nightclub VIPs. It's my passion to educate clients and to help grow luxury companies.   

Chef H. MulhEM

Executive Culinary Consultant

Creating memorable events for people, indulging them in good food & being part of creating moments for happy occasions is why I love being a chef.  I'm confident in my skills, to exceed expectations of our clients, by delivering the most delicious, creative dishes they've ever tasted. This comes from setting my standards high on everything from ingredient selection to cleanliness of environment. The most rewarding part of serving exceptional food, is being an inspiration. I enjoy teaching those who love to eat and learn.

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